“I have now had Joe out to our house twice to do some plumbing work. One job involved replacing some bad solder joints on the sprinkler vacuum valve, and the other involved swapping out my old sump pump for a new unit with battery backup. I must say that I could not be happier with Joe’s quick and clean work, and prices that I felt were extremely fair. For the sump pump job I had purchased the sump pump as well as all the pipe / fittings that I had expected to need, but of course forgot a few items. Joe went to Home Depot to pick up the missing components, and also grabbed some short lengths of PVC from his house, which will allow me to return several sections that I had purchased. Overall if you are looking for a truly “Honest” plumber, give Joe a call.”
Michael C. Arvada, CO
“Joes reviews live up to the hype. Joe came out to repair a couple of gas leaks for me, and replaced a gas regulator. He ran to grab the parts and got it all done on the same day after giving me a very reasonable quote. I had to have him come back a few days later to take care of a couple of other things more that I wasn’t aware of the first time around . Joe once again came in a timely manner and got the job done. His company is phenomenal, and doesn’t try to rip you off like the big companies do. Thank you Joe👍 You’re the man!”
Alex Ayala
“Honest Plumbing is the best – truly honest. A couple years ago I had a garbage disposal issue, and I called Applewood Plumbing to get an estimate. They sent a technician who told me I needed to replace my disposal for $400 to $1,300, depending on which model I wanted. I called Sam at Honest Plumbing for a second opinion, and he helped me fix the issue over the phone at no cost. More recently, I had a clogged toilet that would not unclog after plunging and using an auger. I called Sam again to see if he could come out to take a look. Once again, Sam talked through the fix over the phone at no cost. Now I use Sam for any plumbing work I need; I know I can trust what he says and that my plumbing issues will be fixed!”
Adam Silver
“Joe was able to come on a Saturday and fix a cracked tub drain pipe. He was quick and cleaned up. The best thing about using Honest Plumbing was that he fixed the shower drain through one hole in the ceiling while other plumbers wanted to cut more holes through the walls to make the job quicker. This saved me a huge amount of trouble and money in drywall repair and Honest Plumbing was the same price as all the other companies.”
Ryan Jochim
“Joe was quick and efficient. Struck me as a very reasonable, straightforward person to work with. No inflated estimates, no ridiculous hidden or unexpected charges. He told me the price on the phone, it was very reasonable, and that’s what he charged me. While he was there I asked for an estimate on some other plumbing work and gave me a reasonable estimate on that as well. I’ll schedule that with him soon. I have no doubt he’ll do an excellent job.

I will definitely call Joe anytime I have a plumbing issue!”
Rick Wager

“Great job. Joe’s fair, reasonable and great to work with. I highly recommend Honest Plumbing, LLC. to solve your plumbing problem.”
Kathy Schrader
“Joe was amazing. The drain for our washing machine clogged, on a Sunday no less. I searched the BBB and found Joe. He was polite on the phone and when I asked how much he would charge to come take a look, he said there is no charge unless he does work for us (that’s unheard of!). Honest Plumbing is the perfect name for his company. Joe remembers that there is a person attached to the work he is doing. A person who needs to be able to trust him and his word. Joe has more than earned my trust. I will share his info with all of my neighbors and friends gladly.”
A Google User
“Joe came out twice for us – did great work the first time, and then when one part failed a short time later, came out and didn’t charge a cent for fixing what was actually a failed replacement piece (not his fault at all!) Having had the opposite happen many times, I was VERY impressed. He also fixed, without asking for a cent, our full-house humidifier. Would highly recommend, and have!”
A Google User